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Trash to Treasure: Rustic Tin Can Candle Holders

Have you ever asked your significant other to root through the trash can or the recycling bin for you?

I have.

He didn’t look me at me as if I had three heads. He didn’t ask me, “Why in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks I wanted to rescue trash. He didn’t even seem surprised by my request.

Clearly, we’ve been married long enough for him to know me and my…uh, odd hobbies.

Digging through the recycling bin yielded promising results. And the end product is even better!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Trash to Treasure: Rustic Tin Can Candle Holders!


And they took me all of forty minutes! #RockOn

Want the skinny on the how-to? Read on, dumpster divers and recyclable rescuers!


  • Tin Cans
  • Patterned Scrapbook Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Embellishments
  • Heavy-duty adhesive
  • Sand, pebbles, or dried beans
  • Candles

Step #1

Enlist your darling significant other to do your dirty work for you…

Or put on your big girl pants and do it yourself.

Step #2

Clean your found tin cans with soap and hot water. LOTS of hot water!

Step #3

Once they’re dry on the inside and out, measure the height and the circumference of your tin cans.

Step #4

Find some patterned scrapbook paper that matches your style, the season, your colors, etc.

I chose this beautiful birch bark-esque scrapbook paper that I should have bought more of! It’s almost gone, and I’m feeling incredibly sad about it.

Using your measurements from Step #3, cut the scrapbook paper so that it will wrap around your tin cans.

Step #5

Add adhesive to each end of the scrapbook paper {make sure you put the adhesive on the correct ends…why do you think I’m running so low on that lovely birch bark scrapbook paper?!}

Carefully line up the scrapbook paper with your can, attach, wrap around, and attach again. Easy peasy, right?!

Step #6

Add some ribbon, more scrapbook paper, or any other details that you want. Let your creativity soar!


I added a wide burlap ribbon, a narrow crocheted ribbon, and linen thread. I also added a couple of small twigs from the Red Twig Dogwoods in our backyard. I love those shrubs and use the twigs all the time in my projects!

Step #7

Decide how much of your candles you want to show above the top of the can, then fill the cans with sand, pebbles, or dried beans to the proper height.


Step #8

Add your candles and incorporate your gorgeous Trash to Treasure: Rustic Tin Can Candle Holders into your decor!

Seriously easy, right? And there’s SO much room for individual interpretation. That’s one of the reasons why I love this project! I love the free part, too!

What trash to treasure projects have you completed lately?

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