DIY Home Office Command Center

You, guys! I’m getting SO close to finishing my home office redo! I’m so excited to see the finish line. And not just because my office is spread out across the entire main floor of our house {and we have company arriving in a few weeks}. Seriously! It’s like an obstacle course in here. I’m ready to move my work {and all of my stuff} back into my home office.

This week I tackled a big organization problem in my home office…

We all wear multiple hats with many to-do’s and appointments for each of our roles. Throw in a business run out of my home, and I’ve got a crazy and chaotic mess. I knew I needed a visual way to remind myself of my appointments and to-do’s. It had to be eye-catching, or I wouldn’t look at it. This chippy old window frame was just what I needed to create a DIY Home Office Command Center! #fancyshmancy


I found this window frame at my local rustic & primitives store. It looked close to how it does now–minus the chicken wire and a lot of dust and cobwebs. It didn’t have any glass, which worked out well for this project. Although, with a few small changes, you could use a window with the glass still intact.

I cleaned it up, then used a staple gun to attach the chicken wire to the back of the frame. If I had been paying more attention, I could have probably hidden the seam between the two widths of chicken wire behind the middle brace. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry to get this baby done and hung! #CraftFail #HappensAlltheTime

All theTime Once the chicken wire was attached, Hubs put a thick layer of duct tape around the protruding wire edges to protect the wall. Then he hung it for me. #YeahHubs

The final piece of this project was to create a system for managing my appointments, to-do’s, reminders, and ongoing projects.

A few months ago, I picked up several packages of tags that were on sale at my local craft store. I used a stamp set and matching inks that coordinated with my inspiration scrapbook paper (you can read all about it and see photos here: A New Look for My Home Office ~ The Plan and here, Home Office Redo: Paint Color Sneak Peek). Then I got started stamping and embellishing. I used a package of mini clothespins that I had lying around to attach the tags. I “prettied” them up with scrapbook paper and added priority numbers.


I really enjoyed personalizing the days of the week tags. And I LOVE how they look! I actually want to look at my appointments and to-do’s for the day.

Finally, I created a cover image for my ongoing projects. There’s a space to label it with the project’s name, then I clip it together with all of my other paperwork for the project. I attach it to the command center with a numbered clothespin based on where the project falls in that week’s prioritizing.

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