A New Look for My Home Office ~ The Plan

The Paint Color, Eh Gads!

Okay, seriously, what was I thinking when I went with this color?! It’s a mix between baby diaper yellow (Gross, I know. Sorry!) and 1970’s Harvest Gold. Might work for someone with a different style, but definitely doesn’t work for me.

I bought this paint because it was super cheap. Someone else originally had it mixed, then decided that they didn’t want it.  But I bought it, so I felt like I needed to use it somewhere.

I even mixed it with a bunch of leftover white paint in an effort to brighten it up.


Triple Duty Does Not Do a Room Good

Another HUGE problem with this room is that it’s doing triple duty:

  • Guest Room
  • Office
  • Craft Room

This room is always a mess, because there’s just too much going on.

Too Much Stuff and Not Enough Space. Or Storage.

I simply have too much stuff in this room!

There are craft supplies shoved into every nook and cranny of this room. I have paper punches and ongoing projects stored under the bed. Sewing supplies are by the window in #1 of 2 desks. I have an entire shelf of stamp sets. I have more supplies on the bookshelves AND in the closet. I have more scrapbook paper than I know what to do with. The closet is almost bursting with household papers. No piles, though. They’re all in the file box…  (Of course I don’t have piles, because I just finished a series of posts on dealing with paper piles and papers… Did you catch the subtle sarcasm? :0) If you’re interested in checking those posts out, links are at the bottom of this post.)

This Room is the Drop Zone.

You know how it goes…

It has been a busy week and when you get home Friday night, all you want to do is grab a beverage, put your feet up, and relax. On your way to the couch, you glance at the calendar. Oh {insert favorite expletive here}, Joanie and Chachi are coming over for Friday night “Happy Hour” and the house is trashed! #iwishiwasfriendswithjoanieandchachi

Come Monday morning you can’t even open the door of the office.

Unfortunately, this problem stems from other issues, like not picking up after ourselves, lack of an evening routine, and kids who aren’t doing any chores. So it’s not likely to get fixed by a good room redo. #ohwell

The Good Stuff:

Okay, enough griping. On to the good stuff!

What Needs to Happen First I absolutely must declutter and clear out this room! I’ll take it in sips (#nobiggulps), but this room is going to get cleared out and de-junked. #notlookingforwardtoit #butitmustbedone

Paint to the Rescue

I probably don’t have to explain this one to you. No more Baby Diaper Yellow/70’s Harvest Gold! #cantcomesoonenough

This item alone will probably be all the motivation I need to get the room de-junked and decluttered.

Less Furniture. Better Storage.

The guest room is being nixed. Sorry to those of you who were hoping to come for a visit. There’s no longer room for you here. #justkidding #thecouchisopen

Here’s the thing. We don’t have that many overnight guests. Robb’s folks were our most frequent visitors, but they moved to Ohio and plan to bring the RV with them when they come for visits. So, removing the queen-sized bed from the room will open up some much-needed space. Plus, Not So Little Man no longer fits in his twin bed. #timeforanupgradebigboy

Moving the bed will open up some floor space, then I’ll bring in better storage pieces and remove the sewing desk. I’m also going to add a “real” desk. With drawers and everything!

The Plan 

Here’s my vision board for this room:


I’m super excited about this part of the project!

I spend a ton of time in this office, so I really want an energized space with lots of crafty touches. Those crafty touches will also help me keep the costs of this project low.

I’m so looking forward to sharing this room redo with you! I’ll be sharing bits and pieces over the next few weeks, and hopefully, soon, I’ll have a big reveal party!

What rooms in your house cause you problems? Do you have a plan for them?