5 Things I Learned by Making Over My Mornings

5 Things I Learned by Making Over My Mornings | The House Down the Lane

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I’ve been working A LOT on creating better habits and routines at home. I started with my morning routine and had some success. You can read more about that in “Why Our Mornings Stink” and “Do Our Mornings Still Stink?”. But even after all of the work I was putting in, I wasn’t getting to where I wanted to be. Thank goodness I found the *Makeover Your Mornings class from Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom!

I had some major breakthroughs while taking this fun, supportive class! And today I’m going to share them with you, in hopes that if you’re wanting to make some changes with your mornings, you’ll be inspired to take action!

5 Things I Learned by Making Over My Mornings | The House Down the Lane

5 Things I Learned by Making Over My Mornings

I could share more than 5, but I don’t want to ruin the fun for you! :0)

These are my TOP 5:

#1 It’s Not Just About Getting Up Early

Most mornings, my husband and I get up at 4:45 to get ready for the day and enjoy a cup of coffee together before our lovely {but loud} teenagers get up. I had the getting up early thing down.

What really made a difference for me was being intentional about my early mornings instead of just reacting to what was right in front of me.

#2 Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

I thought I was good at prioritizing….

As soon as I hit the office in the morning, I look at my to-do list and decide what needs to be done first and what can slide to another day.

But I was missing the point of prioritizing!

It’s not just about to-do’s.

It’s about the important people and things in our lives.

I was prioritizing to-do’s, but I wasn’t doing a good job of prioritizing my life.

#3 Rewards are a Good Thing

When I get up on time and do a stellar job of prioritizing, I have time for myself {one of the aforementioned important things}. Gasp! Sigh!

I have time for yoga and reading a great book or taking a long bubble bath or giving myself a manicure. And that makes me happy, which makes my family happy {and relieved…I’m not fun when I’m cranky and unhappy}.

And nothing is more motivating than having a little “me” time!

#4 An Evening Routine is a Must!

I figured this out on my own, but the actual implementation tripped me up.

By working through *Makeover Your Mornings I discovered what was triggering our morning stress and chaos, and we were able to eliminate it by incorporating those tasks into our evening routines {making lunches, trying to find shoes, backpacks, or something to wear are huge stressors in the morning}.

I quickly discovered how incredibly important that evening routine is! I’d even go so far as to say it’s MORE important than my morning routine, because it truly sets the tone for the next day!

Don’t believe me? Try it! I dare you! :0)

#5 Little Tweaks Can Make a HUGE Difference

I stumbled onto this one by accident…

I was working through *Makeover Your Mornings and adding a few nurturing activities to my routine, one of which was Yoga. I love a good stretch and deep breathing session!

As soon as Hubs left for work, I grabbed my mat, queued up a YouTube Yoga Video (say that 3 times fast}, and stretched and breathed…

But then my daughter came downstairs to get breakfast before heading to work. The moment was blown. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t relax. I couldn’t breathe.

So, I decided to move my morning yoga practice upstairs to my bedroom. I’d still be done in time to say “goodbye” to my daughter before she headed to work, but I could also enjoy my morning yoga practice.

This alone was HUGE!

But there was more!

Doing yoga upstairs meant that I went straight from yoga to getting dressed and ready for the day AND making my bed. Doesn’t seem like much, I know. But making our bed is SO important. It’s one of those things that gives my morning a good start. Plus, our room is clean more often than not, so it’s refreshing to go in there throughout the day.

When I moved my yoga upstairs, it was easy to transition to the next necessary morning task.

AND I was getting dressed and ready for the day {rather than staying in my yoga clothes all day–one downfall of working at home}. By getting dressed and ready for the day, I was more productive which fed right into prioritizing and rewards!

Awesome results from just moving my yoga practice upstairs, don’t you think?!

More About Makeover Your Mornings!

5 Things I Learned by Making Over My Mornings | The House Down the Lane

I dared you to try the *Makeover Your Mornings class {especially the evening routine lesson}, and it’s so easy to do!

*You can try out Day 1 for FREE just by clicking here {scroll all the way to the bottom of the page}!

And if you love Day 1 {which I know you will}, you can purchase the full Makeover Your Mornings class for only $17! I’ve paid much more for classes from which I’ve gotten far less.

*Sign up to receive Day 1 HERE! Remember, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page!

You can *learn more about the Makeover Your Mornings class HERE.

Please, please come back to this post and share with me what you learn from the class! I LOVE hearing about life breakthroughs! #ImWeirdLikeThat :0)

And if you’ve all ready taken the class, let me know what you learned by commenting below!

Thank you for joining me today! I LOVE hanging out with you here at The House Down the Lane!




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  1. I assume that I didn’t finish it.
    The timing was bad and I had imposed more commitments on myself I could handle.
    I should pick it up again eventually.
    I’ll be sharing about it so that more people can join it (and hopefully use your affiliate).
    Debbie recently posted…Sunshine Blogger AwardMy Profile

  2. I just signed up! I get up at 4:45am everyday, too, and leave the house by 6:15. Back home 12 hours later to try to cram everything into my evenings that needs to get done. It sucks – hopefully this will help it suck less. 🙂
    Kirsten – Sweet Tea & Saving Grace recently posted…60 Outdoor Fall Decor IdeasMy Profile

  3. These are some great tips. I probably need to take that class! I just had to move everything up 15 minutes because we’ve been in school three days and everything is already rushed. I hate leaving the kids at school after everything is been a disaster in the morning :(. Thanks for sharing this Tiffany!
    April R – Uncookie Cutter recently posted…Easy Rope ShelvesMy Profile

    • Hey, April ~ Thanks! Getting back to school schedule is tough! We’re knee-deep in that right now, too. And it’s like pulling teeth to get the kids moving in the mornings! I hate having rushed and crazy mornings, too. I feel bad and the kids feel bad…yuck! One thing I love about this class besides all of the great information included, is how affordable it is! Definitely let me know if you decide to give it a try. I’d love to hear about your experiences! Thanks for stopping by!
      Tiffany at The House Down the Lane recently posted…5 Things I Learned by Making Over My MorningsMy Profile

  4. These are all great tips, Tiffany! I’m trying to make my days more focused because I feel like I work all day but get nothing done. I just bounce from one project to the next! Yoga has been on my to-do list forever. I’m hoping when the kids are back in school and I have a set block to work that I’ll accomplish more. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Sharon recently posted…This and That–Painting Furniture, a Sweet Deal, and a RaffleMy Profile

    • Thanks, Sharon! I feel the same way! Have you ever tried a “Tah-Done” list? At night I make a list of all of the things I did get done. It helps me to realize that I did accomplish a few things, even if I barely put a dent in my hulking to-do list! My kids started school last week, and that’s helping a ton, too. Although, I miss having them around during the day! Good luck with the schedule! It’s a constant juggling act! And thanks for stopping by!
      Tiffany at The House Down the Lane recently posted…5 Things I Learned by Making Over My MorningsMy Profile

  5. I like these tips a lot. I am realizing that the lazy mornings of summer will be over soon. When my little ones are in school I enjoy getting up before them and having some time to myself before the chaos of kids, lunches, breakfast and school runs happen. If I choose to sleep in I always regret not having that time for myself. I also like your idea of a evening routine. That is something I have not put into motion yet.
    Emily, Our house now a home recently posted…Friday Favorites, link partyMy Profile

    • Hi, Emily ~ Thank you! I’m glad you like them! I’ve all ready hit the chaos of school mornings. And I all ready miss the quiet mornings of summer! :0) I have teenagers, and they love to sleep {except for my son…he’s an early riser}. It’s the same in our house, too. If my husband and I get up early and get a jump on things, our mornings go much more smoothly. But if we sleep in, it’s a different story! I’m still tweaking my evening routine, but all ready it’s helping to pack backpacks, make lunches, and sign papers the evening before. HUGE difference! Good luck with easing out of your summer morning routine. :0)
      Tiffany at The House Down the Lane recently posted…5 Things I Learned by Making Over My MorningsMy Profile

  6. I’m glad you ‘re getting stress relief! Since I no longer have kids at home, I don’t usually have stressful mornings, except when the grand baby is here. I need to figure out routines for those days!
    Melinda recently posted…1,000 Likes!!!My Profile

  7. These are great ideas of starting your day off right! Unfortunately, I am not an early morning person but I do enjoy my mornings in bed with my daughter. We snuggle and watch one show and then start our day!
    Ruthie recently posted…DIY Children’s ToysMy Profile

  8. This is a great post!!! I’m am NOT a morning person.. but i’m working on it! I find I get a million more things done when my kiddos aren’t up yet. 😉 Thanks for sharing at the Home Decor, Craft and DIY FB Group!!
    Creatively Homespun recently posted…9 Ideas for Preschool Snack Day!My Profile

  9. Now that my kids are older and in high school, any sort of routine has somehow left. They do their thing in the am to get out the door and then I am left with a racing mind of all the stuff that should be and want to be done. I can see the benefit of getting bak into a routine. It would provide direction for me. I think think planning it out the night before would work best. Now you have me thinking…
    Mary recently posted…Vintage Table MakeoverMy Profile


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