The 4th of July: 10 Things I Love

The 4th of July: 10 Things I Love from

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A little business before I dive into today’s post: You will be seeing a little less of me over the next few weeks. My kids only have 6 weeks of summer vacation left (how fast has this summer gone?!), and I want to take some extra time to make summer memories and enjoy loads of summer fun! I’ll be posting once or twice a week, then I’ll be back at the end of July with the kickoff of an awesome, time & sanity-saving special event. I’ll get back to my regular blogging schedule at the beginning of August. I hope you get to take a little extra time with your family, too!

Now on to today’s post…

Happy 4th of July!

I’ve always loved the 4th, and the other day I started thinking about why. Because I’m weird like that. So, I put “The 4th of July: 10 Things I Love” list together for today’s post!

#1 It takes place during the summer

I love the summer! The kids are home. The weather is sunny and warm. And we spend as much time outside, in the backyard (one of my favorite places) as we can.

#2 Amazing Food

Hamburgers, steaks, and kabobs, oh my! Grilling mouth-watering food in the summer is one of my all-time favorite things. And I love all of the festive desserts that show up this time of year! Hey, what can I say? I {love} to eat!

Making a yummy, patriotic dessert for the holiday? Dress it up with my Easy, DIY 4th of July Cupcake Toppers.

Easy, DIY 4th of July Cupcake Toppers from The 4th of July: 10 Things I Love via

And here’s a little inspiration from Lil’ Luna to get your mouth watering! Check out the post here.

#3 Yard Games

My best summer memories almost always center around long days filled with games of horseshoes, bean bag toss, or washers. It’s the best, basic family fun!

Check out this great round up of 25 DIY Backyard Games from Remodelaholic.

#4 Fireworks & Firecrackers

What says “USA” more than fireworks in the summer?

Faux or exploding, I’m a big fan!

These beauties were part of our celebration last year!

The 4th of July: 10 Things I Love from

And for the faux version, “Light Up Your Patriotic Decor with these Easy, DIY 4th of July Firecrackers!”

Light Up Your Patriotic Decor with Easy, DIY 4th of July Firecrackers from The 4th of July: 10 Things I Love via

 Check out the post here!

#5 Family Time

No school, no homework, fewer activities…just loads of summer family fun.

#6 Red, White, and Blue

I love red, white, and blue, and for me, those are the quintessential summer colors! I wear them. I fill my home with them. Heck, even my fingernails bear them!

The 4th of July: 10 Things I Love from

#7 A Reason to Decorate the House

I love decking my house in seasonal colors, and considering my waxing poetic in #6 above, you know I’m going to give my house a refresh with all things red, white, and blue!

The 4th of July: 10 Things I Love from

#8 A Reason to Set a Rockin’ Table

See #6 and #7 above!

It doesn't have to be time consuming or difficult to set a Festive {& Simple} Memorial Day Tablescape! Just follow my tips, and before you know it, you'll have your own festive {& simple} tablescape...for any occasion or holidays! From The 4th of July: 10 Things I Love via

#9 Flags

I’m the kind of girl who gets a little teary when I see the Colors approaching and waves of people standing in respect. For me, the flag represents our storied history, the foundations that this country was built on, and my never-dying respect for our country, those who have died to protect it, and those who fight for it everyday, affording me the opportunity to be at home celebrating the 4th with my family.

The 4th of July: 10 Things I Love from

#10 Celebrating Our Independence and Showing My Patriotism

In this country, we’ve experienced good times and bad, but I still believe that the USA is an amazing place to live. I’m proud to celebrate our national holiday and wear my patriotism proudly.

The 4th of July: 10 Things I Love from

Wishing you and your family a very happy 4th of July!

Thanks for joining me!




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