How to Create a Kids’ Art Gallery Wall {In an Afternoon}

How to Create a Kids' Art Gallery Wall {In an Afternoon} via

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This post is just one in a series of awesome DIY Wall Art posts from 15 fabulously talented bloggers, so keep reading for loads of DIY Wall Art inspiration!

Remember the days when your house was overflowing with kids’ papers and art projects?

Or maybe you’re still knee-deep in those days?

The days of school papers and art projects have come and gone at our house. My kids are teenagers {I rarely see papers unless it’s parent-teacher conference time}! And as overwhelmed by the piles of school papers and projects as I was in those early days, I find myself missing the kids’ artwork.

So, what’s a nostalgic mom to do?

Dig out a bunch of the old artwork, of course. And find a simple DIY way to display them, too!

I was inspired by this post on White House Black Shutters. Isn’t that awesome?! And how sweet is the art that her kiddos made?!

So, let’s jump into the how to!

How to Create a Kids’ Art Gallery Wall {In an Afternoon}

This DIY project was quick and fairly easy, especially if you’re better at measuring than I am and if you skip the painting step!

Purchase {or Dig Up} Your Clipboards

I wanted heavy-duty clipboards, because I have a feeling this display might take a beating. It’s in the middle of our landing, and since we’re always walking by this wall and since kids will be kids {even teenagers}, I know it will be touched and messed with a lot. These are the clipboards I ordered.

Pull Out the Paint

I wanted these clipboards to be “chalkboard clipboards,” because I thought it would be fun for the kids to sign the clipboard on which their art hung. Silly me! None of my kids were interested. Although, in their defense, I did ask at 10:30 pm last night.

So, I put several coats of chalkboard paint on the clipboards, but this is an optional step.

I did come up with an ingenious idea for getting the metal clip out of the way while I was painting {at least it was ingenious to me}. I used zip ties!How to Create a Kids' Art Gallery Wall {In an Afternoon} via

Measure Twice, Cut Nail Once

A little background on me: I never measure twice and cut nail once. I always intend to do that, but I’m impatient and my attention wanders. So, I just guess. And make a mess of our walls. And make Hubs cranky. #MyBad

But this time was going to be different! After all, I was sharing this with you peeps, and I’m pretty sure that my haphazard method isn’t the first choice of most home decor and DIY enthusiasts. #AmIRight

So, I committed to measuring twice and cutting nailing once.

But I cheated…a little…

Templates Rock!

I cheated by using templates. I did the measuring, but when it didn’t quite, ahem, measure up, I fell back on a trick.

I picked up this trick on Pinterest {and it’s pure gold}. If you’ve ever read, looked at, or pinned a gallery wall image, then you’ve probably seen it, too:

Use templates to create your initial gallery wall layout!

How to Create a Kids' Art Gallery Wall {In an Afternoon} via

How cool is that?!

I just used some wrapping paper that had seen better days and traced all of my clipboards. I also marked a spot for the nail hole on each template.

So, now that you know my trick, here’s how I measured:

First, I found the center of the wall. Then I measured from the floor up to where I wanted the the middle (along the vertical axis) of my display (about 63 inches). I placed the nail hole of my first template right on the spot where the center of the wall and the height from the floor met {If you’re confused, I don’t blame you. :0) There’s a visual below that you might find helpful}. I did a double check on the measurements, then attached the first template to the wall with some Washi tape.

Then I measured 3 inches up from the top of that first template. This was where the bottom of the second template needed to be. I attached the second template to the wall and used a level to make sure that the sides of the two templates lined up.

I measured 3 inches to each side of the all ready hung templates, so that I’d have two rows of three. Again, I doubled checked the layout by placing the level along the sides of the two templates in each column.

How to Create a Kids' Art Gallery Wall {In an Afternoon} via

How to Create a Kids' Art Gallery Wall {In an Afternoon} via

{Note to self: Do NOT try to take photos at 10:00 pm when you got up at 4:30 that morning!}

And it worked! Even based on my husband’s exacting standards.

How to Create a Kids' Art Gallery Wall {In an Afternoon} via

See, I told you I got it right this time, Hubs! ;0)

Here’s the wall fully staged before I added the art:

How to Create a Kids' Art Gallery Wall {In an Afternoon} via

Even our dachshund, Juliette, is impressed!

Now for the Artwork

I picked the art that had a summer feel and decided on the arrangement. Then I just hung them on the clipboards. #SoEasy

Now, I love walking up the stairs and being greeted by the bright colors and memories.

How to Create a Kids' Art Gallery Wall {In an Afternoon} via

How to Create a Kids' Art Gallery Wall {In an Afternoon} via

This project only took me an afternoon–even with the measuring! I did wait to finalize everything until Hubs got home and could give it a double check, hence the 10 pm photo session.

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  1. Super cute kids art gallery wall. Wish I had thought of the zip ties when I painted clipboards. lol It IS ingenious.
    Kathy recently posted…Under a $1 Wall Art and a Wall Art Hop!My Profile

  2. What a cute idea! I love the idea of displaying kids art work in a cute way! I can’t wait for when my daughter to create art work when she gets a little older!

  3. super cute! Love the chalkboard idea and having them sign it!!! Templates worked great. What a fun and funcational way to display their art.

  4. This is such a clever idea, plus I love the clipboard look!
    Katy recently posted…Easy Rustic Hanging Art for the Entry; Plus Blog Hop & Linky Party!My Profile

  5. Great idea! I love that you dug up old projects and gave them more viewing time!
    Melinda recently posted…Floor FocusMy Profile

  6. Your tenacity paid off Those pictures would make me smile every time I would walk by too. So sweet and clever. My walls are tired and need a change out. I haven’t tackled a wall project in sme time Hmmm now you have me thinking
    Mary recently posted…Front Door Refresh Part IIMy Profile

  7. What a great way to display the ever changing art work of our kiddos. Love this.

  8. What a fun, easy DIY. This is a great way to display kids art and it is interchangeable.
    Jessica recently posted…Wall Art Blog HopMy Profile

  9. This are so adorable. What a unique and different idea. I just recently started thinking, after piling loads of artwork away, that I am starting to miss it as my kids are getting older. I just might have to steal this DIY project when we redo the kids space, it’s so perfect!
    April R @Uncookie Cutter recently posted…DIY Wall Art Roundup, Linkup and Birch Trees TutorialMy Profile

  10. Great tutorial. I haven’t set up a space for the kids artwork yet. I really need to because I keep taping them to the glass sliding door that leads to the playroom and we have run out of space. 🙁 Love the clipboard and I am sooo lazy when it comes to leveling. Nice to have a partner help out like you did.
    Stephanie @ Casa Watkins recently posted…DIY Wall Art Blog Hop: Doily Medallion ArtMy Profile

    • Hi, Stephanie ~ Thanks for stopping by! Yep! My kids art was either sitting in a teetering pile of papers or taped to the wall down the stairs to the basement. I love having a special, specific space for it now! I’m super lazy when it comes to measuring and leveling, but I knew I needed to focus and do it with this project, because of all of the straight lines. :0} It was awesome having someone to help out! Have a great day!
      Tiffany at The House Down the Lane recently posted…How to Create a Kids’ Art Gallery Wall {In an Afternoon}My Profile

  11. This is adorable! My daughter would be so excited to have a kid’s gallery wall in our house!! I love your use of clipboards too! What a cute and inexpensive way to hang art!
    Amanda @ Old House to New Home recently posted…DIY Canvas ArtMy Profile

  12. This is such a cute way to display kids’ artwork! Love that you used chalkboard paint on the clipboards!
    Meg @ Green With Decor recently posted…Decorating with my favorite natural element – flowersMy Profile

  13. Melissa says:

    I love the chair bench in the picture. Do you have a blog about that?

  14. Haha I am so impatient with hanging wall decor, too! It really does pay off, though. Love your clipboard and the art is super cute!
    Jaclyn recently posted…Cute Awaking Infant Water Sling & a giveaway!My Profile


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