Tuesday 2-fer: Preserving Family Memories {with Older Kids}

Tuesday Two-fer: Preserving Family Memories {with Older Kids} from thehousedownthelane.com.

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As my kids get older, I feel like I’m failing in the “Preserving Family Memories” department. They’ve outgrown their baby books, and I’m not nearly as obsessive about chronicling every, little thing they do. We take plenty of pictures, but they’re stuck on my computer (another project for another day). So, I’ve decided to add a goal for 2015: Preserving family memories, big and small.

As I thought about how to preserve our family’s memories, I decided that I didn’t want to be the only one responsible for this project. I wanted my family to be involved, too. My kids are 21, 15, and 13. I’d love to have them contribute, and Hubs has a completely different perspective that I’d love to chronicle, as well.

So, now the how in action

I thought, did a little searching on the net and Pinterest, and finally decided that we would do a “Family Memory Jar”:

Preserving Family Memories {with Older Kids} by thehousedownthelane.com.

Isn’t it cute? I love this quote, because I’ve always believed that cherishing memories is an act of gratitude.

I’ve heard of this project before, but I don’t have it pinned, and I don’t remember where I originally saw it. If you know the creator or have links to the original project, please let me know. I’d love to give credit where credit is due!

I started getting frustrated when stamping the quote, because I couldn’t line everything up. Plus, the stamp is really narrow, so I couldn’t get it to stamp evenly, top to bottom. But as I looked at it a little longer, I came to the conclusion that I liked the vintage, country feel it has. What do you think? #EpicFail ? Or #CountryChic ?

Okay, so I have the container for our family’s memories handled, but I also needed a way to actually capture the memories. This was a major brain teaser! It had to be something that we’d remember to do. It had to be accessible, easy, and quick–3 to 5 minutes max–and it had to be fun.

After more thinking and pondering and searching Pinterest, I made a plan to approach this two ways. First, I created these cute, fill-in “Memory Catchers.” There’s a copy for you, too! FYI, the link to the PDF is below the image.

Preserving Family Memories {with Older Kids} and Printables! Via thehousedownthelane.com.

Download the Memory Catcher here: Memory Catcher_PDF

I just cut between the squares and dropped a pile by our family memory jar. I put out a few pens, colored pencils, and markers, too, so that no one has an excuse to not fill them out. You’d be amazed how many times things don’t get done, because someone a writing utensil can’t be found (homework, thank you notes, phone messages). Even though I keep a full jar in the cupboard. #crazykids

The “memory catchers” can be filled out whenever one of us gets the urge, and they don’t have to be good things (some of my best childhood stories are from horrendous family car vacations).

Whoo-hoo! Project complete. Game over. The fat lady is singing.

But I couldn’t help thinking that I needed something more.

I realized that there was a good chance (#placeyourbets) that neither the kids or Hubs would take the time to complete the memory catchers. But I came up with a solution! Once a week-ish, I’m going to have everyone answer a question. That way, even if no one gets around to filling out a memory, I’ll have chronicled our family members’ thoughts, goals, beliefs, and ideas from the year. I call it “20 Questions.” (Creative, huh?)

20 Questions from Preserving Your Family Memories {with Older Kids} and Printables! Via thehousedownthelane.com.

Download 20 Questions here (BTW, it’s five pages): 20 Questions_PDF

Yay! I Text Heart printables!

As we incorporate this tradition into our lives, I’ll keep you posted. I’m curious to see if it will work and if we can maintain it!

How do you preserve your family’s memories? Any tips or tricks you’d like to share?

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  1. This is such a great idea! My kids are younger (5 and 3) but it’s great to know that I can still do things like this to preserve family memories. Pinning this so I don’t forget to do it!
    Carrie This Home recently posted…Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop 122My Profile

  2. Hi, Carrie ~ Thanks so much for stopping by! This project was a bit a challenge, but I think we have something in place (with a few reminders from me) that will preserve our memories (and alleviate my guilt). I really enjoyed your “How to Make the Most of Your Work Space” post today. It got me to focus on the positives of my home office rather than the piles of paper and the junk that needs to go downstairs. :0) I hope you have a great rest of your day and thanks again!
    Tiffany at The House Down the Lane recently posted…Tuesday 2-fer: Preserving Family Memories {with Older Kids}My Profile

  3. Hi Tiffany~ This is fantastic! Love this idea to *cherish* memories of my children! Pinning this for later!Would love you to share this idea at our OhMyHeartsieGirlWW party! Christine@CherishingASweetLife
    Christine recently posted…Oh My Heartsie Gril Wordless Wednesday and GiveAwayMy Profile

  4. Hi, Christine ~ Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m so happy to hear that this is an idea you can use! I’ll definitely check out your link party. I love to party. Who doesn’t? :0) Thanks again for joining me today.
    Tiffany at The House Down the Lane recently posted…6 Ways My Timer Saves My Sanity (and a Free Printable)My Profile

  5. Aw, I love the memory jar! Very country chic, you did a great job!
    Maggie@ Polka Dots in the Country recently posted…Simple Everyday WreathMy Profile

  6. Hi, Maggie ~ Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m definitely a fan of country chic. I had so much fun visiting your blog today. :0)
    Tiffany at The House Down the Lane recently posted…Tuesday 2-fer: Preserving Family Memories {with Older Kids}My Profile

  7. This is such a beautiful idea! I need to do this… my boys are only 4 and 7 but I feel like life moves so quickly that I forget to remember/to make memories, if that makes sense? My in-laws have a little daily question book- that works well for them. But the memory jar would be great even just to jot down cute things the boys do or say in a day. Thanks for the idea- and I think the stamp is definitely #countrychic!
    Krista @ the happy housie recently posted…How to Sew a Simple Double-Sided DIY Pennant Banner {& Christy Linens Giveaway}My Profile

  8. tiffanyatthdtl says:

    Thanks, Krista! Time goes so fast, doesn’t it? I’m hoping that this will help us push “pause” every so often, so that we can document the fun and follies. :0) A daily question book is a fun idea! I was thinking back to when my kids were younger (3 or 4) and thought this might be fun for that age, too. As the saying goes, “Kids say the darndest things!”. Thanks so much for stopping by. I love your blog and always look forward to your posts. Have a great day!

  9. Wonderful idea! I especially like the 20 questions. I do a smaller version every January to commemorate the previous year, but my girls are getting old enough to go more in depth. Pinned!

  10. Hi, Heaven ~ Thanks for visiting! I like the 20 questions, too. I think it will be fun as the kids get older to go back through and read what they thought at different ages. Thanks for pinning this idea, and I hope it helps you and your family preserve those precious memories. Have a great day!
    Tiffany at The House Down the Lane recently posted…Finding a Place Your Papers Can Call HomeMy Profile

  11. Cute idea! I vote #countrychic by the way. I like when things have an imperfect beauty to them.
    Erin @ the-organized-life recently posted…One Room Challenge: My Favorite Spaces!My Profile


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